Freaky Clothing

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Freaky Clothing is a clothing line that describes me and my close friends. "Freaky" is usually defined as strange or unusual, but our mission is to change the way people see the word into something positive and fun. Our hope is that people don't look down on us because we are "freaks," but instead acknowledge that we enjoy our lives and are very comfortable in our own skin. 

Our main slogan is "Heavy On My Grind," which means whatever you make of it. It could mean that you're working hard doing what it takes to make money, skating to push your limits and have a good time, or just literally grinding at the club. We intentional left the term open to interpretation, just like the word "freaky."

We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this company and hope to change people's perspective about the word "freaky." We have one life to live -so be yourself, fuck what people say or think about you, do what makes you happy as long as you live by the motto
-Heavy on My Grind